Registration Materials

Registration for current families is requested in April for the upcoming year.  For new families, registration is accepted all year round based on grade availability.

A registration fee of $100 is expected at the time of registration.  This registration fee is applied to tuition costs.  If registering mid-year, one month of tuition is collected instead of a registration fee.

Thanks to the generosity of some of the Vicariate II parishes, NO family is required to pay the full cost of tuition for their children.  Although the true cost to educate children at ASC is more than $9,360 per child, tuition does not exceed $5,687 per child for any family.  

Every family receives a minimum of $3,673 in tuition assistance.

Tuition Chart

The entire tuition chart is available here.  Highlights include:

  • Full price cost per child: $5,687
  • Minimum cost for one child $1,462
  • Preschool 4 year old cost: $1,051
  • Preschool 3 year old cost: $876

Registration forms are available on this page and at the Administration Office located in the Middle and High School building. Your registration deposit is subtracted from the total amount of tuition due. Once the school year has begun, one month's tuition payment is due at registration instead of a $100 deposit. Tuition assistance, scholarships and earned tuition credits are available to help lower the cost of tuition. For all of the ways to offset tuition expenses, please click here.  For tuition questions, please contact Carol at 989.892.2533, extension 124.

We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion or national origin in our admission policies. We give preference in admission first to Catholic students whose families are parishioners of a Vicariate II parish. The second consideration is given to Catholic students from other parishes. Non-Catholic students are welcome and are admitted as space allows.

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