High School Curriculum

All Saints Central has a highly respected tradition of academic excellence; scores on the ACT and SAT attest to this. Our graduates are continually accepted by universities and colleges throughout the country.

Foreign Language

The Foreign Language program encourages students to take more than 2 years of Spanish or French. Latin, German or Mandarin Chinese are available online through Michigan Virtual High School.


Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are three laboratory courses offered in the Science Department. Other courses available to students are Physical Science, Anatomy & Physiology and Biology I.


Courses in the Mathematics program are designed to teach basic mathematical concepts, theories and skills. Students are required to take four years of Math including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. Accounting, Calculus and AP Calculus are course offerings in the fourth year.


Excellent language skills are stressed, not only in daily English class, but also throughout the curriculum. When writing a research paper, poem, argumentative essay, or creative story, students are taught to express themselves clearly through writing. Literature courses expose students to short stories, poetry, novels, plays, essays and stress critical reading skills. Advanced Placement courses are available with GPA/teacher/counselor approval.

Social Science

ASC has a three-year Social Studies requirement with offerings in Sociology, Psychology, American History, World History, Government, Economics & AP US History.

Computers & Technology

Realizing that computers and technology are constantly changing at a rapid pace, ASC offers Advanced Office & Web Design, Desktop Publishing and Computer Programming classes.  ASC provides safe Internet access for students to develop their research skills. To ensure that student learning is maximized, we strive to keep all hardware and programs up to date. The computer lab and library computers are generally available after school for student use.

Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement Classes (AP) require students to take a standardized national exam (at a cost) in May. If their score is acceptable, they may receive college credit for the class. AP classes available at ASC include: Calculus, English 11 (American Literature), English 12 (British Literature), and U.S. History. Enrollment in AP classes is based on grade point average and recommendation of the teacher. Other AP courses are available through the Michigan Virtual High School for an additional fee.

ASC Graduation Requirements

Twenty-four credits are required for graduation. Credits include the following:

  • Theology 4
  • English 4
  • Social Studies 3
    • World History 1
    • American History 1
    • Government 0.5
    • Economics 0.5
  • Science 3
    • Biology 1
    • Chemistry or Physics 1
    • Science Elective 1
  • Mathematics 4
    • Algebra 1
    • Geometry 1
    • Algebra II 1
    • Math Elective 1 (Calculus recommended)
  • Computer Technology / Online Learning 1
  • Wellness 1
    • Health 0.5
    • Physical Education 0.5
  • Fine and Performing Arts 1
  • Foreign Language 2

In addition to the academic requirements above, students also have the option to consider Dual Enrollment, Co-Op, and the Bay-Arenac ISD Career Center.

In addition to the academic requirements, students are also required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service in order to graduate from All Saints Central Schools.