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All Saints Central Philosophy Statement

All Saints Central Middle & High School provides a program of religious formation and academic development to students who seriously seek such a program.

Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, All Saints Central, with its particular expertise, offers parents great educational expectations for their children at a time when they are seeking more independence and learning to accept responsibility. Through the curriculum and variety of activities, both in and out of the classroom, All Saints Central allows students the opportunity to develop the responsibility and independence they seek, while developing the Christian values that will help them become productive citizens of our society.

Education involves more than the mere social and instructional interaction between teachers and students. All Saints Central recognizes that each student is an individual with his/her own specific needs, and so fosters student individuality through personal contact, academic programs, and extracurricular activities. Each area allows students choices for personal development.

The All Saints Central educational program integrates Christian teaching within its courses and activities. This provides for the three areas of Christian education: Message, Community, and Service. These programs enhance the academic offerings, foster Christian living, and values, and allow for spiritual enrichment opportunities resulting in a balanced education.

History of All Saints Central

In 1967, a University of Michigan study group recommended all east side Bay City Catholic high schools form one central high school. A diligent, dedicated school board of interested people was formed for the new school. Faculties from St. James, St. Stanislaus, and St. Joseph schools met during the entire 1967-68 year, inventorying and combining books, equipment and library materials. The new curriculum was planned, incorporating the best programs from each member school. The student bodies voted for the school name, logo, mascot, and colors. As a result, All Saints Central  was "born."

In September of 1968, the students gathered for the opening school Mass. There were three administrators and a faculty composed of religious from the Sisters of Charity, the Grand Rapids Dominicans, and the Felician Sisters, as well as lay faculty members. All were determined to contribute to the success of the school.

ASC continues to make history today through its leadership and success in the areas of academics, athletics, and student clubs and organizations. Individual talents in conjunction with many hours of hard work have established a tradition of pride at All Saints Central which is reflected in the actions and attitudes of our students. Cougar spirit is alive and well. It will keep our "family ties" strong and our memories abundant with lasting friendships and good times.