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The purpose of the school uniform policy is to provide uniformity in attire that will eliminate competition among students as well as the distractions which fashion and hairstyle fads provide. The uniform policy helps to ensure that students project an appropriate and positive image of Catholic schools.

>> 2017-2018 Dress Code (PDF)

The approved dress code items below may be purchased, in a variety of price ranges, from vendors of your choice, such as JC Penney catalog, Lands End, and L.L. Bean.  Sometimes uniform clothing is also available at Meijer, Target, Sears and Walmart for limited times.  (You may use Scrip for purchasing from these businesses!)  Styles and colors must be comparable to those from actual uniform companies.  Parent attention to this facet of their child(ren)'s school preparation is appreciated. 

The principal’s decision is final regarding appropriateness of clothing.


  • Solid Navy, Solid Khaki
  • Plain front or pleated or elastic waist, dress style (i.e. Dockers), loose fit, non-stretch fabric
  • Not allowed: Hip huggers or low rise, stretch slacks, cargo pants, jean style (in any color or fabric), athletic pants (sweats, nylon, wind pants, etc.), tight fitting slacks, leggings.


  • Solid Navy, Solid Khaki
  • No more than two inches above knee, loose fit, non-stretch fabric
  • Not allowed: Gaucho pants, stretch shorts, tight fitting shorts, athletic shorts

Belts:Optional. Black, brown, navy, khaki, with small, plain buckle

Jumper: Girls K-8

  • Solid navy or approved multi-color (green, navy, white, yellow plaid)
  • No more than two inches above the knee

Shirts: Must be tucked in and loose fitting

  • Solid white, light blue, navy
  • Collared button dress shirts
  • Collared polo shirts
  • Turtlenecks
  • School polo shirt with approved embroidered logo (see below)
  • Not allowed : Brand logos, alternate colors (aqua, turquoise, royal blue, etc.), fleece or velour pullovers

School Polo shirt with approved embroidered school logo (available from Saginaw Knitting Mills):

  • ASCE:
  • ASC: White (6th, 7th, & 8th graders may wear the gold shirts from previous years.)

School Sweatshirts with approved embroidered school logo (available from Saginaw Knitting Mills).

See colors above.

  • May be worn for daily wear with a dress code collared shirt underneath
  • Crewneck: K-12 Hooded: High School/Middle School only
  • Not allowed: Cut or torn shirts, sweatshirts with other logos or printing (except on designated days).

Tee-Shirts: May be worn tucked in under dress code polo or dress shirts.

  • Solid white only.
  • Tee shirts must fit at the collar bone.

Sweaters: Must have approved collared dress code shirt underneath

  • Solid white or solid navy
  • Crew neck or V-neck, Cardigan or vest.
  • Sweaters must be waist/hip length
  • Not allowed: Cropped or extra long sweaters, hooded sweaters, alternate colors (i.e. aqua, turquoise, gray, black), zippered sweaters, jackets of any kind (blazers, athletic jackets, fleece, velour, nylon, stretch, etc.)


  • Elementary school students must wear socks or tights
  • Solid colored – white, navy, tan
  • Socks must be ankle length or above
  • Not allowed: Socks with pictures, tights with printed or embroidered patterns, low cut socks


  • Dress shoes (black, brown or navy) or tennis shoes (no wheeled shoes) All shoes must remain completely laced and tied at all times
  • Flat bottom soles for elementary schools.
  • Middle/High school students may wear sandals that are leather with a back strap.
  • Not allowed: Hiking boots, beach sandals, flip-flops or backless shoes.

Hats: No hats may be worn inside the building at any time.


  • Must be neat and clean, combed or brushed and kept out of eyes
  • Hair must not be longer than a normal collar length in back for males and must be cut above the ears.
  • Sideburns must be no longer than the earlobe.
  • K-5: No artificial hair coloring, “tails”, spiked or razored hair, artificial hair pieces or bizarre styles
  • Middle School/High School: Bizarre haircuts/hairdos/ unnatural colors are unacceptable. The principal has the final decision as to whether a hairstyle is considered “unacceptable”.
  • Male students must be clean-shaven.


Elementary school:

  • No make-up, nail polish or rings with large stones in them.
  • No body piercing. Exception: Girls may have one set of stud type earrings in ear.
  • No dangling or hoop earrings.

All Saints Middle School:

  • Earrings limited to studs or small hoops (no larger than one inch).
  • No dangling earrings.

All Saints High School:

  • No visible piercing other than traditional earrings - in school or at any school-sponsored function.

Tattoos: No visible tattoos allowed.

Jean Days: To be determined by principal

  • Blue denim only.
  • Not allowed: Cargo, painter, fatigue-type, stretch, bibbed, hip hugger or low riser styles. No holes.

Dress-up Days: To be determined by principal

  • Dress up clothing (Sunday best) must be modest, appropriate and comply with school handbook guidelines.

Revised by Parent Input Committee/Approved by Bay Area Catholic Schools Advisory Committee 10-3-07; Updated 7-09, 7-14




“I’ve been taught to reach higher and that working hard brings so many rewards in the long run.”

- Paige, middle school student

MISSION: All Saints Central nurtures academic and personal excellence in all students while emphasizing  Catholic values and service to others in Christ’s name.