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Community and school service projects are an integral part of the All Saints student life. Students take part in various projects throughout the school-year as a way of improving our community in which we live. As a Catholic school, service is an expression of our faith. We are called to do the work of Christ here on Earth.

All high school students fulfill a community service requirement for graduation. Students are required to complete 25 hours of service each year that they attend All Saints Central High School. Students are encourage to seek out opportunities to provide acts of service. This also allows a student some flexibility to match their skills and interests with their service. The school provides an ongoing listing of service opportunities in which a student may engage.




“My teachers help to make me successful, and they do it in a fun, learning-filled way.  I love Catholic education!”

- Rachel, middle school student

MISSION: All Saints Central nurtures academic and personal excellence in all students while emphasizing  Catholic values and service to others in Christ’s name.