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The mission of the Home & School Association is to enhance the family-like atmosphere of the school. It is also to provide support for teachers, principals and parents/guardians by promoting open communication between all involved. This Association is consultative to the Principal of the school.

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  • Provide opportunities for parent/guardian participation and foster social growth in the school.
  • Promote the school in the community.
  • Promote and encourage parent/guardian participation in system-wide fundraisers.
  • Determine, with the Principal, and carry out the Home & School Association approved fundraising events for the year.
  • Determine, with the Principal, the school budgetary needs best covered by these fundraising monies.


All parents/guardians of students enrolled in the school are welcome! Membership also includes all staff, the Principal and Pastor.

September, 2017 Meeting Minutes




“I love being in a Catholic school!”

- Rachel, middle school student

MISSION: All Saints Central nurtures academic and personal excellence in all students while emphasizing  Catholic values and service to others in Christ’s name.