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We strive to maintain high quality programming while keeping Catholic School education affordable for everyone. Tuition Assistance is available to active members of Vicariate IV parishes and is based on a sliding scale calculated on household income. Those who do not qualify for tuition assistance may still take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided for parents to earn tuition credit.

Earning Tuition Credits

Referral Incentive

Current All Saints families may earn a $100.00 tuition credit, if their recommendation of the our schools results in the enrollment of a new family. If the new family remains in the system, the credit will be given to the current family in March. The new family must complete the New Family form and submit it to the Administration Office with their registration materials.

Earned Tuition Credit Program

The Earned Tuition Credit Program allows parents to earn tuition credit by providing services for specifically designated needs of the school for which they are qualified. Interested parents may contact the Administration office at 989.892.2533.

A listing of specified needs will be available prior to the beginning of the new school year. As new needs arise, interested parents will be notified. Services provided will be limited to filling a need which would otherwise be part of the budget OR for a project that will bring in new revenue. Tuition credit will be applied at the rate of $5.00 for each hour of service.

Parents must commit, in advance, to the number of hours, dates and times of service they will work in the upcoming year. We retain the right to limit the number of hours a parent may participate in the program, in order that all parents interested in earning tuition credit may have an equal opportunity to do so. Hours of service will be approved at the place of service and reported to the Administration office prior to the end of each month.

Parents providing approved service must sign in and out on a designated tuition credit form at the place where the services are rendered. Earned tuition credit will be posted to parent accounts prior to the last workday of each month. Tuition credit will not be granted in advance of services provided. Tuition credit earned in excess of the tuition owed cannot be refunded or carried over to the next school year. All tuition accounts must be kept current to remain eligible to participate in the earned tuition credit program (policy states that no account may be more than one month past due).

Program participants will be provided with a description of the expectations for the need they are fulfilling. If a parent does not, or is not able to, fulfill these expectations they will no longer be allowed to participate in the program. Parents who do not fulfill their agreed upon hours of commitment, may be removed from the program and/or refused opportunities for earned tuition credit in the future.

According to Diocesan policy, all parents who work with or around students must agree to a criminal background check, complete the acknowledgement of reception of the Standards of Ministerial Behavior for Those Working with Children and Young People, and participate in the Virtus Training program as required by the Diocese.

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