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All Saints Central Elementary operates three and four year-old preschool programs. In addition, we offer an Early Five program for those children who have a late birth date or who would benefit from another year of social and developmental preparation.

The three year-old preschool program operates two half-days per week, while the four year-old program offers sessions three half-days per week. The Early Five program allows children to attend school five half days (or three full days, depending on the site) per week, preparing them to progress to the five full-day Kindergarten program the following year.

Parents of four year-old preschool children and half-day Early Five students may elect to send their children to additional half-day sessions at an additional charge, as enrollment allows.




"The teachers take the time to get to know each student's interests, hobbies, and family life. I see that in the projects that are made in class."

– Amy, elementary school parent

MISSION: All Saints Central nurtures academic and personal excellence in all students while emphasizing  Catholic values and service to others in Christ’s name.